Autumn ’19 Workshops

By Judith on September 4, 2019
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This week saw the start of our new Autumn ’19 programme of weekly classes and workshops.


Autumn19 Saturday workshops


Here is a flavour of what we will be getting up to on Saturdays!


Rope Bowls Workshop Sept19


Booking available here


At this workshop you will find out how much fun you can have with cotton clothesline and a zigzag stitch!!

Previous Rope Bowls workshops have proven to be creative and productive, with everyone going home with several completed items.

You can read more about our Rope Bowls workshops here and here.


Dotti Denim Pouch Workshop


Booking available here


If you have a fear of zips then this is the workshop for you!!  At this workshop you will learn how to make a sizeable pouch and neatly insert a finished zipper.


You can upcycle denim for your pouch, or try out some durable cork fabric (available to purchase in class) or perhaps use up some pretty scraps!



Kids Pencil Case workshop


Booking available here


Bring along your young protege to learn how to sew their very own pencil cases (great gift ideas for friends too!).

At this workshop your child will learn how to cut and prepare fabric for piecing and pencil case construction, including inserting a zip!

This is a fun day out with your creative young person!

Children must be aged 9+


Robin Hoop Art Workshop


Booking available here


Hoop Art is a popular and satisfying way of creating textile art.

At this workshop you will learn how to layer a background, matchstick quilting, raw edge applique/free motion sketching and how to finish and mount your hoop.

A great little project for using up scraps of cotton, lace, ribbon and tweed.

8″ wooden hoops available to purchase in class.


So that’s the roundup of our Patchwork & Quilting Saturday workshops.  I hope you see something you like!

And come back soon for some exciting news on our new Autumn craft workshops!


Happy sewing!


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Rope Bowl Workshop 2

By Judith on September 10, 2018
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Last Saturday was my 2nd Rope Bowl Workshop.



And I’m pleased to say this lot were just as productive as my first group of ladies!!


Rope Bowl Workshop2

Rope Bowl Workshop2


Once again the feedback from this workshop was a resounding success!


It gives me so much pleasure seeing proudly smiling faces going home with beautiful creations tucked under arms and invigorated inspiration for many future gifts!


Rope Bowl Workshop2


Well done ladies!


Interest and enquiries for this workshop continue to grow, so I will be sure to schedule more in next year!


Happy sewing!


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Autumn Table Projects Part 1

By Judith on September 6, 2018
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Hello there!

And hello September!


September sees the start of my Autumn term of classes, and an introduction to twin needling with fusible bias tape.


And in celebration of the start of meteorological Autumn, let me show you my new table display, full of ideas, patterns and tutorials to inspire you to get creative this season!


Autumn18 Table Display


1: French Braid Handbag

(Pattern available here)


Scrappy French Braid Bag (workshop)


I designed this bag for my Scrap Buster Saturday, back in early August.

I organised my scraps into 3 colourways – lots of strips of varying widths, and at least 7″ long.

The French Braid technique is so easy and in no time at all you have the panels made.  Quilting them onto Bosal Flex Foam gives the bag lovely structure.

2: Denim Messenger Bag

(pattern coming soon)

Messenger bags are great for all ages!  Kids at school, professionals needing a laptop bag, or how about a ‘man bag’.


Messenger Bag (Pretty Patches June16)


The pattern for this bag was originally published in Pretty Patches magazine a few years ago.  I’m hoping to get the pattern reformatted for general sale soon.


You can see I’ve had a little fun with the flap section of the bag in other versions of this pattern!


Bethany's Messenger Bag 009

messenger bag 007

Messenger bag commission


3: ‘Quilt As You Go’ Shopping Bag

(Pattern available here)



This is a roomy bag which will put a dent in some of your scraps!


The ‘quilt as you go’ technique is great fun, and the condense quilting adds strength and structure too.


4: Rope Bowls

Rope Bowls Workshop

I’m teaching how to make these stylish and versatile bowls at my Saturday workshops.


The first workshop was a hit, and a very productive day!


Rope Bowls Workshop Aug18


The next Rope Bowls workshop is this Saturday.  Again it is fully booked, but I will be running this one again in the new year (keep your eyes and ears open!).


5: Chenille (Cushion or Bath mat)

(Cushion pattern available here)




On the table you can see a Chenille mat, and the Chenille Heart Cushion in the background.


Chenilling is such a fun quilting technique, and totally beginner friendly.


Chenille class sample


I’m hosting a Chenille workshop on Saturday 13th October, where you can make either a bath mat or my heart cushion (places still available at time of writing).

Chenille quilted bath mat


So that’s part 1 of my Autumn Table roundup.


Tune in later this week for more project inspiration!


Happy sewing!


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Saturday Workshops: Sept-Dec’18

By Judith on August 26, 2018
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Hello everyone!

Just checking in to tell you about some exciting new workshops coming up this term.


sept-dec18 workshops


Saturday 8th September: Rope Bowls II

(fully booked – waiting list available)


My first Rope Bowls workshop booked up in double quick time, so I set a 2nd date! (you can read all about the first workshop here.)




15th September: Free Motion Quilting/Sketching

(fully booked – waiting list available)


FMQ workshop


Yesterday was the first of 2 FMQ workshops.




My ladies worked hard at 6 different FMQ designs, fillers, small and large samples, and tried their hand at a little sketching too! (I bet they all slept well last night!).




This is my most requested workshop, and as it booked up in 2 days(!!) it was only fair I put on a 2nd date!


Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to get onto one of these workshops.  I’ll be running this one again next year.


13th October: Chenille (Bath Mat or Cushion)

(places available)



Chenille Workshop Oct18


In quilting, the term ‘Chenille’ refers to a texture achieved through sewing and cutting through several layers of fabric. When washed and dried, the raw edges of the cuts ‘fluff up’ creating a wonderfully tactile texture. This new ‘fabric’ can then be turned into a wide range of items.


In this workshop you can choose to make a fluffy bath mat, or a snuggly cushion.


17th November: Scandi Christmas Stocking

(places available)


Scandi xmas stocking workshop


Getting ready for Christmas and Christmas gift-making is always popular among quilters.


My Scandi Christmas Stocking incorporates a little fun applique and it is fully lined, so it will stand the test of time year after year!


I’m now stocking the latest collection of Makower  Red Scandi Christmas prints in my classroom, as well as my usual stocks of Essex Yarn Dyed Linen, and I’m hoping to have kits available for the workshop.


8th December: Gingerbread Men Garland

(places available)


Gingerbread Men Garland workshop



How cute would these decorated felt Gingerbread Men look adorning your Christmas themed fireplace!


Gingerbread Men Gardland (Popular Patchwork Dec17)


This workshop will combined some relaxing hand sewing and embellishing with a little machine work.


A great gift for gingerbread men lovers everywhere!


So there you have it! A round-up of fun ways to spend a Saturday!


If you see anything here you fancy, just drop me an email at


Happy sewing!


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Rope Bowl Workshop 1

By Judith on August 19, 2018
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Hi there!

Yesterday was my first of 2 Rope Bowl Workshops.



This was my first time teaching rope bowls and not having a previous experience to draw on, I didn’t know how well the ladies would take to it, or how well their machines would behave!


Rope Bowls Workshop Aug18


But first time nerves quickly dissolved as my ladies jumped right in like pros and took to this new technique like ducks to water! (The machines were pretty well behaved too!)


Rope Bowls Workshop Aug18


By lunchtime the first few bowls had been made, fuelling confidence to keep up the productivity right until the end of the workshop!


Rope Bowls Workshop Aug18


And just look at our ‘end of day’ Rope Bowl haul!


Rope Bowls Workshop Aug18


Aren’t they fabulous!


I love the variety and creativity on display here!


Rope Bowls Workshop Aug18


Getting the bowls started is the trickiest part, but a little patience and a steady resolve soon gets you to the satisfying rhythm of rounds and rounds of zigzagging!


Rope Bowls Workshop Aug18


My next Rope Bowls Workshop is Saturday 8th September. It is fully booked, but if you would like your name put down on the waiting list (in case of a cancellation) just let me know.


And if you would like to purchase your own 8mm cotton rope, I get mine here.


Happy Zigzagging!



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Rope Bowls Workshop

By Judith on May 31, 2018
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For the third installment in my series of summer workshops, we will be looking at what we can do with cotton clothesline rope and a zig-zag stitch!


Rope Bowls Workshop


The rope bowl making phenomenon hit the online quilting community about 2 years ago, and is still going strong!


Rope Bowls Workshop


When I started making these, I couldn’t believe how easy  it was to achieve the variety of 3d shapes.  The fiddliest part is getting the rope wound tightly enough at the start, but after that, it’s a doddle!


Rope Bowls Workshop


I experimented with a couple of different ropes, one softer and one coarser. While my machine still coped ok with the coarser rope, it had to work a little harder, and cheaper threads broke more often.  However, the softer rope was much more maliable and took both the Aurifil and cheaper threads with ease.  I will be supplying the softer rope to the workshops.


Rope Bowls Workshop


There are many different ways to add colour to your baskets – dip-dyeing, painting, coloured thread or adding scraps.  Check out my Kitchen Pinterest Board for many more examples of this versatile craft.


Rope Bowls Workshop


Due to the popularity of this project, I am running 2 workshop dates, 18th August and 8th September.  All workshops are £30 (includes a non-refundable £15 deposit).  Just drop me an email to for more information or to register.


Happy sewing!




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