Flex Frame Sunnies Case!

By Richard Bleakley on June 3, 2016
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Apologies to my bloggy friends living in the East of England, but it has been full-on sunny here …. all week!  ALL WEEK!

And more to come!  Squeeee!

Pardon my excitement, but it only happens once a millennia here!

Timely then for my Flex Frame Sunglasses Cases to be published in Popular Patchwork this week.

Flex Frame Sunnies Pouch


The flex frames I use come in 2 sizes, 3.5″ and 5″.  My wraparound sunnies don’t fold flat, so if you have glasses like mine you will need to make the 5″ case.
Sunnies Cases (Popular Patchwork June16)


Some fun sketch applique on the front, easy assembly and you’ll have a sunnies case quicker than you can say ‘still can’t believe the weather we are getting!’
Flex Frame Sunnies Pouch


I love how these bright prints pop against the Essex yarn dyed (Denim) linen (more listed in my Etsy shop here).
Flex Frame Sunnies Pouch


So if you’ve still got some summer sewing prep to do, I promise these won’t take long!  Popular Patchwork (June) is in the shops now!
Sunnies Cases (Popular Patchwork June16)


Happy sunning!
Jude xo


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Sketchbook Mini!

By Judith on May 31, 2016
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Popular Patchwork are currently running a mini quilt competition.

You design and make a 10.5″ x 15″ mini quilt based around your favourite colour, send it to PP and they will display the entries at their Festival of Quilts stand in August.

Liz (editor) has asked some of the magazine’s regular contributors to make a Sketchbook Mini to inspire others to enter.

So here is mine:

Popular Patchwork Sketchbook Mini (Log Cabin Love)

This mini quilt tells the story of 3 of my favourites in quilting:

Purple! My favourite colour, perhaps something to do with growing up in a 1970’s purple bedroom!!

Scraps! I love working with scraps, and yes I keep even 1.5″ wide pieces!

Log Cabins! The first patchwork block I ever made and I fell in love. This is a log cabin heart, but there are so many wonderful variations to the humble log cabin block (see my pinterest board here).

Log Cabin Love (Popular Patchwork June16)

There are some amazing prizes to be won (check them out here) and the closing date is 11th July.

So, what’s your favourite colour?

Jude xo


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Bags & Crutches!

By Judith on May 5, 2016
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Apologies for the radio silence!
It’s been over a week since I last blogged and in that time, we have entered into a new month (and hopefully a new season!).
Also since I last blogged, I’ve had car trouble, teeth trouble, and now ankle trouble!
Crutches ..... again!

My 2nd bad sprain in 10 months! Boo!
But I’m getting better at hobbling faster, and can even manage the foot pedal on my sewing machine!
Win, win!
So onto to much more fun stuff like sewing!
Popular Patchwork release 13 issues per year.  Their extra issue is a bag special, which comes out today!
Guess who made the front cover?


Lunchbags (Popular Patchwork Bag Special May16)

My fun appliqued lunchbags are insulated with heat resistant wadding (Insul Bright) and have wipeable and washable linings (rip-stop).

Lunch Bag Class samples

There’s also a handy elastic bottle holder to stop your drink from squishing your sarnies!

Lunch bag

And another of my bags features in this issue!

Summer Flowers Bag (Popular Patchwork Bag special May16)
This is my Summer Flowers Handbag, using pretty fabrics from the aptly named Pretty Fabrics and Trims, made into Economy squares, with Essex linen and faux leather handles from Fabric Yard.
Summer Flowers Handbag (Popular Patchwork Bag Special May16)
Features include an zippered pocket at the back and a magnetic closure.  You can also learn how to mitre a striped border.
This is a roomy bag, which could easily take a towel for fun days at the beach!
So that’s me up to date!
I will try to stay out of trouble, for a few days anyway!
Happy sewing!
Jude xo


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