Threads Across the Sea 2019

By Judith on November 8, 2019
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For the past few years, an annual tradition has started among 3 of my long time quilty friends and myself.


Threads Across the Sea 2019
L-R: Sarah (@sewmesarah), Me (@justjudebelfast); Trudi (@trudi_wood); Di (@willowbeckdesigns)


2 of us live in N.Ireland and the other 2 in England.  We try to meet up each year to sew, taking it in turns to meet on either side of the Irish Sea!  And that’s why we call ourselves #Threads Across the Sea!


Threads Across the Sea 2019


This year, Trudi and Di came to not so sunny Belfast and spent a weekend of chatter, natter, lots of eating (delicious home baked yummies by Trudi and Sarah!) and of course some sewing in my studio!


One of our traditions is to gift handmade items to each other!  This is like Christmas come early!!


Threads Across the Sea 2019


From Sarah we each received these personalised Arm Chair Caddies (pattern from the book ‘Zakka Home’).  Aren’t they cool!  And Sarah got me spot on with my love of denim and all things ditsy!


Threads Across the Sea Gifts
Threads Across the Sea Gifts
Threads Across the Sea Gifts


I will definitely be using mine when hand stitching in the evenings in front of the telly!


Threads Across the Sea 2019


From Trudi we each received a beautifully hand embroidered Clearly Carry All Pouch by Sewing Illustration.


Threads Across the Sea Gifts


Trudi is an amazing hand stitcher and quilter, and being recently laid up with injured ankles facilitated the huge amount of time she invested in these pouches.


Threads Across the Sea Gifts
Threads Across the Sea Gifts



I particularly love the sashiko stitching on Art Gallery Denim! Yum!


And from Di we each got a treat bag of goodies!


Threads Across the Sea 2019


Di lives in the Lake District and the particular area she lives in is known as the Cake District!!!  Fab or what!


Included in the bag were thread snips, mobile thread cutter/needle threader and wood turned items made by Di’s uber talented hubby!  Check out the gorgeously tactile needle holder and Christmas Tree decoration!


Threads Across the Sea 2019


See what I mean by Christmas come early!  I’m so blessed to call these talented women my friends.


And if you want to know what I made for my 3 friends, you’ll have to tune in again to find out (and there might be a wee giveaway too! wink wink!).


Having a sew-social with like minded creatives and wonderful friends is one of my favourite things!  Already looking forward to TATS20!


Happy sewing!



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Teabag Wallet Tutorial

By Judith on January 7, 2019
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Teabag Wallet Tutorial


If you’re not a standard tea drinker, how about keeping a few of your favourite flavours in a portable and handy wallet!


Teabag Wallet Tutorial


This simple tutorial will have you ‘bagged’ up in no time!

(And a great little gift idea for a tea loving friend don’t you think!)


You will need:

Exterior: 1 x (5″ x 7″)

Lining: 1 x (5″ x 7″)

Pockets: 2 x (5″ x 7″)

Heavy Sew-in Vilene: 1 x (5″ x 7″)

505 Basting Spray

chalk pen or non-permanent fabric marker

elastic hair bobble





1 Spray baste the vilene to the wrong side of the lining.



2 Bring both long edges of each pockets wrong sides together and press.



3 Place the first pocket onto the right side of the lining, with the folded edge of the pocket positioned 1.5″ down from the top of the lining.



4 Sew along the bottom of the pocket 1/8″ from the raw edge and through all layers.



5 Place the last pocket on top, this time with the raw edge aligned with the bottom of the lining. Chalk a line through the centre as shown.



6 Sew along the chalk line, through all layers.



7 Machine tack a hair bobble just above the front pocket, on the right side. The loop of the elastic must face in towards the wallet.



8 Pin the exterior right sides together with the pocket section. Sew around all sides using 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ gap along the bottom edge.



9 Turn the wallet right sides out through the gap in the lining. Press under the raw edges of the gap.



10 Sew around all sides of the wallet using 1/8″ seam allowance, closing the gap as you go.



11 Press the wallet in half and sew a button onto the front and aligned with the elastic.



Fill up with your favourite teas and off you go!


Teabag Wallet Tutorial



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Lola Pouch Gifts

By Judith on December 27, 2017
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Hello everyone!


How did your Christmas go over?  Mine was a peaceful and relaxing time spent with family…. the best kind (though eating my body weight in mince pieces and festive fayre is perhaps overdoing it, a tad!).


In all the pre-Christmas madness busyness I past my 7th year blogiversary (20th) and on 10th December I reached 1000 followers on Instagram! Quite the milestone!


Now that is call for celebration!  I’m hatching a giveaway plan, so watch this space – details will be coming soon.


But for today I’ll show you 2 more gifts I managed to squeeze in before the big day!


Small Lola Pouch Gifts Dec17


These are Lola pouches, designed by my very talented friend Svetlana.

I had the privilege of testing the Lola Pouch for Svetlana a couple of years ago, when I made the larger size (which I use to store all my EPP papers and templates).


Small Lola Pouch Gifts Dec17


This time, I needed a small zippy pouch to ‘carry’ some little gifts, and I immediately thought of the small Lola pouch.


Small Lola Pouch Gifts Dec17


Because of Svetlana’s brilliantly written pattern, I had these two run up in no time at all (it took longer choosing fabrics!).


Small Lola Pouch Gifts Dec17


I love how Svetlana puts fabrics together.  Going for black and white binding may seem like a brave option given the floral Amy Butler fabrics, but I love how Svetlana has used it in the past and I just knew it would work (any excuse to use stripey binding!).


Small Lola Pouch Gifts Dec17


I can think of a million uses for these cute little pouches! And so quick and easy to make too!


Small Lola Pouch Gift Dec17


If you fancy having a go yourself, you can get both sizes in the one pattern here.


Small Lola Pouch Gifts Dec17


Happy gifting!



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Selvedge Bookmark Tutorial

By Judith on September 17, 2017
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Hello everyone!


How are you doing?


I haven’t done a tutorial here in a long while, so I thought it was time to rectify that.



You know how I’m always saving fabric scraps? Well I even keep the part of the fabric most people chuck away!


If like me you love to read, or know an avid reader, how about a selvedge bookmark? The perfect fabric/book loving combo!!


The key to keeping usable selvedges is to allow at least a quarter of an inch of fabric above the text (the edge below the text is a sealed edge, not a raw edge).



Here’s the tutorial:




A selection of selvedges (with at least 6mm/0.25” above the text)

4” x 10” piece of heavy sew-in vilene (or wadding)

4” x 10” piece of cotton fabric (back)

1 x 10mm eyelet

12” length of narrow ribbon



Assume ¼” seam allowance unless advised otherwise


  1. Angle the top corners of the vilene/wadding by measuring 1” from each corner along the top edge and 2” down from each corner along the sides



2. Place your first selvedge level with the bottom edge of the vilene/wadding (remember ¼” will be absorbed by the seam allowance).



3. Place the next selvedge on top, with the sealed edge covering the raw edge of the first selvedge. Stitch close to the sealed edge.



4. Continue adding selvedges in this way until all of the vilene/wadding is covered.



5. Flip the bookmark over to reveal the original shape of the vilene/wadding. Trim away the excess selvedges.



6. Place the backing fabric right sides together with the bookmark and sew around all sides, leaving a 2” gap in the middle of the bottom edge. Trim away the corners.



7.  Turn the bookmark right sides out through the gap in the lining. Push the corners well out and press.  Press under the raw edges of the gap.


8. Top stitch 1/8” from the edges on all sides, closing the gap as you go.



9. Insert an eyelet at the top of the bookmark, using the manufacturer’s instructions.



10. Thread the ribbon through the eyelet and knot to secure.


And you’re done!



Time to curl up in a squishy sofa, with a snuggly quilt and hot chocolate, and allow a good book to take you and your imagination to far flung places!


Happy selvedging!



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Hexie Notebook Cover

By Judith on September 15, 2016
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Today is the 2nd Tuesday of the month!  And that means Scraptastic Tuesday!

It’s a while since I’ve linked up with Nicky and Leanne. But I’ve actually had some time recently to play with hexie scraps!
Hexie Notebook Cover


This notebook cover fits an A5 spiral notebook and uses 36 English Paper Pieced 1″ hexies, the perfect size for using up those smaller scraps.
Hexie Notebook cover


I also experimented a little with some Aurifil 12wt wool thread.  I like the way these thicker threads sit proud on the Essex Yarn Dyed Linen.
Hexie Notebook Cover
Hexie Notebook Cover
These notebook covers come together really quickly once the hexie panel is made. And they are a ‘go to present’ when one of the kids needs a last minute gift for a friend.
Hexie Notebook Cover
So what are you making with your scraps?


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Easter Egg Zippy Pouches Tutorial!

By Judith on March 18, 2016
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Thank you to everyone who has been following along with my Easter mini series!

You can find previous tutorials here:

Easter Bunny Bags
Easter Baby Bibs
Carrot Cornets

Apologies if you have had trouble downloading the PDF templates.  I have amended the ‘sharing’ settings within GoogleDocs so I hope from now on you will find it a little easier.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch otherwise.

One final bit of housekeeping before we move on to another Easter tutorial.  I’m always grateful to folks who take the time to leave a comment here on my blog.  I will ALWAYS reply to comments, so if you don’t get a response from me, it’s because your email address doesn’t register with your comment.  In blogging terms you are known as a ‘no reply comment’ blogger. If this is you, I would love to be able to connect and chat with you more, so here and here are some tips you can try to fix your settings.  Alternatively, just leave me your email address with your comment (especially important when entering giveaways!).

On to our next Easter Tutorial!

Easter Egg Zippy pouches tutorial

Easter Egg Zippy Pouches!

This one is for older (or grown up) kids! As you can see, this is a fun way to gift money or vouchers!

And here’s how to make them:

What you need:

From outer and lining fabrics & sew-in vilene (med/heavy) cut 2 x (5″ wide by 3.5″ tall)
From outer and lining fabrics & sew-in vilene (med/heavy) cut 2 x (5″ wide by 6″ tall)
5″ plastic zipper (or longer)
1.25″ wide key fob
Basting spray 505
Zipper foot

Assume 1/4″ seams

Download the ‘Egg’ template here.

1. Spray baste the vilene to the wrong sides of the corresponding outer pieces.

2. Place the zipper right sides together along the top edge of a 5″  x  3.5″ outer/front piece.

3. Pin a corresponding lining piece on top, right sides together with the outer fabric.

4. Using the zipper foot, sew through all layers.

5. Flip the lining over to the back and press away from the zipper.  From the front side, sew 1/8″ finishing seam beside the zipper.

6. Now lay the other outer (front) piece on the table, right side facing.  Place the zippered piece right sides together with the zipper aligned at the top edge.

7. Pin the remaining corresponding lining piece on top, right sides together with the attached lining piece.  Sew through all layers as before.

8. Again flip the lining to the back side, press and sew a finishing seam 1/8″ away from the zipper.  Your pouch front should look something like this.

9. Place the template onto the lining side and draw around with a pencil.  Before cutting out on the line, bring the zipper pull inside the pouch and sew a few stitches across the zipper (just inside the line) to secure.

10. Place the outer/vilene back piece WRONG sides together with the corresponding lining piece.

11.  Place right sides together with the egg front.  Pin and sew 1/4″ inside the edge.

12. Trim away the excess and zigzag the raw edges.

13. Turn the pouch right side out through the zipper and press well.

14. Attach the keyfob & ring to the top of the ‘egg’.

Stuff with money, goodies (or diamonds!) and gift to your favourite big person!!

Easter Egg Zippy pouches tutorial

Happy Zipping!

Jude xo


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Carrot Cornets!

By Judith on March 17, 2016
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ready for another Easter Tutorial?

Easter Carrot Cornets tutorial


Today we are making Carrot Cornets!

Aren’t they cute, and perfect for little chocolate eggs (& fingers!).

Here’s what you need for 1 cornet:

2 x (6.5″ wide by 8″ tall) orange fabric
2 x (6.5″ wide by 3.5″ tall) green fabric

2 x (6.5″ wide by 10.5″ tall)

1 x (0.25″ wide by 18″)

Assume 1/4″ seams

1. Join the green tops to each piece of orange fabric. Press the seams open.

2. Sew the mid-way point of the ribbon to the centre of the seam.

3. Keeping the ribbon out of the way, trim the sides at an angle, from the top corners to the centre of the bottom edge.  Do this to both outer pieces and the 2 lining pieces.

4. Place both outer pieces right sides together and sew down both sides (use a reverse stitch at the start and finish).

5. Carefully trim the bulk out of the point before turning right sides out and press.

6. Sew the 2 lining pieces right sides together (same as for the outer) leaving a 2″ gap in one side, near to the top. Do not turn right sides out.

7. Pop the outer cornet inside the lining so that right sides are together. Line up the side seams, pin and sew around the top edge.

8.  Pull the outer cornet through the gap in the lining.  Hand or machine stitch the gap closed.  Push the lining down inside the cornet, and press well around the top edge.

Stuff full of mini treats and tie closed with the ribbon!

Easter Carrot Cornets tutorial

Wouldn’t these be great fun to discover in the garden at an ‘Easter Egg Hunt’!

Wishing you lots of carrot fun!

And if you missed previous tutorials in my Easter series here are the links:

Easter Bunny Bags
Easter Bibs

Happy carrots!

Jude xo


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