Flex Frame Sunglasses Case Tutorial

By Judith on May 15, 2017
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Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.


With all the sunshine we’ve been having lately, I thought it was time I shared my Sunglasses Case pattern with you.



If you are new to the world of ‘flex frames’ don’t worry, they are really easy to insert, and there are lots of pictures to help you along.


Of course you can use these handy cases for regular spectacles, they make lovely gifts too!



But a sunnies case is embracing of the imminent summer season and will get us all in the mood for when the sun comes out again!


Good To Know:

There are 2 sizes available.  This is because not all sunglasses fold flat.  If they do, like normal glasses then you need to make the narrower case using a 3.5″ flex frame (available from here).



However, if your sunglasses are wrap around ones (like mine), you will need to make the wider case using a 5″ flex frame. Now it’s a little more tricky to get hold of these within the UK.  However they are widely available from Hong Kong and China via Ebay (remember, Hong Kong is a country with a pre-paid Import charge agreement with the UK, so no customs charges will apply on your parcel).

The construction method is the same for both sizes.



So let’s get started.


You will need:

First of all, you will need to download the applique glasses template here.

3.5″ or 5″ Flex Frame

Narrow case: 2 x (4″ x 9″) each from outer fabric, lining fabric & sew-in vilene (heavy weight)

Wider case: 2 x (5.5″ x 9″) each from outer fabric, lining fabric & sew-in vilene (heavy weight)

Fabric for applique sunglasses (2.5″ x 5″)

Bondaweb (2.5″ x 5″)

Jewellery pliers or similar

Adjustable zipper foot (this makes sewing in the flex frame easier)

505 Basting spray (optional)



Assume 1/4″ seam allowances 


1. Spray baste the vilene to the wrong sides of the outer fabric pieces.  Using the template provided, trace onto the papery side of the bondaweb.


2. Iron the bondaweb to the wrong side of the applique glasses fabric. When cooled, cut out on the line.



3. Remove the paper backing and carefully iron the glasses to the right side of the outer fabric, centred and approx. 2.5cm (1”) up from the bottom edge.



4. Applique the glasses according to your preferred method. I used raw edge ‘sketch’ applique – for this you need to drop the feed dogs and attach a free motion/darning foot to your machine (you can get more information on how to do this & other machine applique techniques here.)



5. Put the 2 outer pieces right sides together and mark 6.75cm (2 5/8″) down from both top corners. Sew down both sides and the bottom edge from marker to marker, leaving the top open (this is the flex frame section).



6. Repeat step 5 for both lining pieces, leaving a 5cm (2”) gap in the middle of the bottom edge (for turning).


7. With right sides together, match the outer flaps to the lining flaps.



8. Carefully pin these sections as shown below, making sure to match the side seams.



9. Sew around the top unsewn section from pin to pin.  Use a reverse stitch to start and finish and take care not to sew into the existing seams.  Repeat for the other flap.



10. Carefully snip the corners at an angle to lessen the bulk.



11. Turn the pouch right side out through the gap in the lining. Push the corners well out and press flat. Hand or machine stitch the gap closed.



12. Push the lining down into the case. Fold back one of the ‘flaps’, pin and sew close to the outer edge to create a channel (an adjustable zipper foot is useful here).  Start and finish with a reverse stitch. Repeat for the other ‘flap’.



13. Insert the flex frame into the channels.



14. Push back the fabric to expose the open ends of the flex frame.  Slot the hinge together, insert the bar fully into the hinge, and then close the ends of the hinge using jewellery pliers.  Resettle the fabric along the flex frame.





Pop in your sunglasses and enjoy!



Happy sewing!


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Tutorial: Quilted Plant Pot Cover

By Judith on April 10, 2018
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As promised, here is my tutorial for these uber cute Plant Pot Covers (fits an Ikea small plant pot).


Quilted Plant Pot Cover


Measurements listed are width x height

Assume 1/4″ seams

Finished Size: 4.5″ (w) x 5″ (h) x 4″ (d)


Quilted Plant Pot Cover


You will need:

Exterior: 2 x (9″ x 8.5″)

Lining: 2 x (9″ x 8.5″)

Sew-in Flex Foam (Bosal): 2 x (9″x 8.5″)

505 Basting Spray

20″ length of lace or trim


Make the Exterior:

1 Spray baste the exterior pieces to the flex foam pieces & quilt as desired.



2 Measure and cut out 2″ squares from the bottom corners of both exterior pieces.



3 Pin both exterior pieces right sides together. Sew both sides and bottom edges, using a reverse stitch to start and finish (leave the corners unsewn).



4 Put your hand inside the basket and push the base down flat. Then push the side seam down on top of the base seam – this brings the raw edges of the corners together. Pin.



5 Sew along the corners, using a reverse stitch to start and finish. Turn right side out.  Put to one side.



Make the Lining:

6 Repeat steps 1 – 5 for the lining, leaving a 2″ gap in a side seam for turning (do not turn right side out).



Assemble the Basket:

7 Place the exterior basket inside the lining, right sides will be together. Align & pin the side seams and top edges.




8 Sew around the top edge (removing the accessory tray from your machine will help here).  Start and finish with a reverse stitch.



9 Turn the basket right sides out through the gap in the lining.  Push the corners well out and hand or machine stitch the gap closed.


10 Push the lining into the basket and pin around the top edge, making sure the lining isn’t sitting proud above the exterior.



11 Sew around the top edge, starting and finishing with a reverse stitch.


12 Pin and sew the lace around the top edge, pointing upwards, and overlap the start and finish by 1/2″.



13 Fold the top of the basket out and pop in your potted plant!


Line ’em up and wait for the compliments!!


Quilted Plant Pot Cover

Happy sewing!



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