Spring Cleaning!

By Judith
 on May 5, 2013

Yesterday, the house got a right good gutting clean!  Everyone pitched in!  We scrubbed, wiped, swept & de-cluttered.   Ahhhhh!  There's nothing like a good spring clean to blow the cobwebs away (& there were many!).

The spring cleaning bug extended into my sewing room too!

I've been running out of room for my Pattern & Admin files and books, so I set to getting tough on my scraps!

I bagged up 2 bin bags full of unsuitable, fugly or pre-historic scraps & decided to chuck anything that was smaller than 2.5" square, unless it was an especially precious piece!

Putting my 2.5" Sizzix die to good use (there was steam practically pouring out of it!) I turned the 'too small to keep but still useful' scraps into mini charm squares!  I now have the beginnings of a 'Scrap Vomit' box (not much carrot in this vomit though! LOL!).

Scrap vomit box!

It's utterly bizzare what I was still keeping in all my scrap boxes.  Cut up tea-towels, ties, swatches from sample books etc.  I know what all these things could be made into, but alas, I just don't have the time.  I threw out stuff I'd been holding on to for years!

leftover random 3" squares

Here we have the 3" squares that get cut away when making handbag box corners!!  Like sorting through the photo albums in the loft (where you just have to stop and reminisce) I started putting these squares up on my design board & thought these random deco weight squares go quite well together.  These might just morph into a cushion or tote bag one day!!  Needlesss to say, these ones didn't make it into the bin bag in the end!!

So I've now got the space I need for my growing collection of ugly lever arch files!

And tomorrow, I'm hoping to get the paint brush out and give some of the 2nd hand furniture in there a makeover!

Oh, and I also found the old wooden spools I inherited a while ago ....

Old wooden spools

... some still with their original labels. Here you see them after I de-robed them of very old thread.  Tomorrow I'll show you what I turned them into!!

It's a bank holiday here in UK tomorrow!  Have fun whatever you get up to!

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