Spring (?) Cleaning!

By Judith
 on January 19, 2012
I'm very blessed to have a sewing room in my home. Yesterday, I took into it like a woman possessed!
I had several objectives in mind.
1. Hasta La Vista Jerry!
Yes, Mr Mouse has been having midnight rave parties in the walls of my bedroom, disturbing my much needed beauty sleep.  His 'front door' is in my sewing room, so I pulled everything out to get the poison in!  Goodnight Mr J!
2. I swapped around the 2 tables in my room so that I could set up my extendable table, ready for fmq my Dad's Civil War quilt (the table my machine was on previously is so badly bowed in the middle nothing sits straight on it!).
That's a Supreme Slider Mat for FMQ.  Never used one before so I'll let you know how I get on!
3. I thought it was about time to have a rigorous clear out of material I just know I won't use anytime soon.  Ready for something staggering?  I filled 10 bin bags of stuff I no longer need, 6 of which went to the charity shop this morning.  
These other 4 will go to the fabric recycling skip in the local dump.  
We are talking about curtains, bedding and clothes that I've been hoarding collecting for some time now.  In addition to this, I filled a ginormous suitcase of stuff I want to keep, but just not in my sewing room.  It was soooo fat I couldn't zip it, and it took 2 of us to carry it into our walk-in-loft.  There was also a blue IKEA bag full of stuff too which I'm keeping in the loft.  So this is what the fabric section looks like now.
You have to imagine more cubed storage on top of these, all stuffed with fabric, and even more piled on top right up to the ceiling!

4. It's difficult to clean a room that is so full of stuff, so this was my opportunity to give the place a really good clean.

And this box was custom made for me by a very talented friend, to elevate my cutting mat and try and save the ol' back a bit longer!

So that was my day, from morning til evening!
I have muscles aching where I didn't even know I had places, but boy does it feel good!

Have a lovely day!

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