Rope Bowls Workshop

By Judith
 on May 31, 2018

For the third installment in my series of summer workshops, we will be looking at what we can do with cotton clothesline rope and a zig-zag stitch!


Rope Bowls Workshop


The rope bowl making phenomenon hit the online quilting community about 2 years ago, and is still going strong!


Rope Bowls Workshop


When I started making these, I couldn't believe how easy  it was to achieve the variety of 3d shapes.  The fiddliest part is getting the rope wound tightly enough at the start, but after that, it's a doddle!


Rope Bowls Workshop


I experimented with a couple of different ropes, one softer and one coarser. While my machine still coped ok with the coarser rope, it had to work a little harder, and cheaper threads broke more often.  However, the softer rope was much more maliable and took both the Aurifil and cheaper threads with ease.  I will be supplying the softer rope to the workshops.


Rope Bowls Workshop


There are many different ways to add colour to your baskets - dip-dyeing, painting, coloured thread or adding scraps.  Check out my Kitchen Pinterest Board for many more examples of this versatile craft.


Rope Bowls Workshop


Due to the popularity of this project, I am running 2 workshop dates, 18th August and 8th September.  All workshops are £30 (includes a non-refundable £15 deposit).  Just drop me an email to for more information or to register.


Happy sewing!



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