Progress (just about!)

By Judith
 on November 22, 2011
This is my 2nd attempt at this post, delayed due to needing a new cable to download the pics from my phone of what I've done today.
And why did I need a new cable?
Let me show you the next 2 pictures and you can draw your own conclusions (I already know what Hadley's going to say!).

Butter wouldn't melt!
Anyway, if you are reading this post then a certain cute doggy hasn't been banished to the outback forever and I managed to track down a computer shop which sold the right USB cable.
And so onto the progress that I achieved today.
Today the sun was out ALL DAY, which means I was motivated to sew despite feeling tired!
Firstly I cracked on with the quilting of my Value quilt which I need to finish & get photographed for my new program coming out at the end of the week.
I've ordered some Kona Azure from River Fabrics for the binding, which I'll get tomorrow.  Then I can get this baby finished and reveal it to the world (well, the few of you who unwaveringly put up with my ramblings!).
Next, I opened up The Sweat Shop and made a start on the unquantifyible make-up bags to re-stock my sister's salon. 
These things are selling like hot cakes & I can't keep up with demand.  Unfortunately my zips haven't arrived yet from RayStitch or Zipit so I've stalled a bit (plus I'm bored to death making endless make-up bags!!).
A bored (yet creative) mind is a dangerous thing, cos then I start thinking up new projects to start.  I have indeed decided on a new, fun project, but you'll have to wait til tomorrow to find out!!
Hope you've had a sunny and productive day!

Judith xo

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