(main photo courtesy of Sewing World magazine)

Chenille quilting involves the layering, sewing and cutting of several layers of fabric to achieve a raw edge, fluffy texture.  This technique is so simple to achieve and the more you wash it, the fluffier it gets! Enjoy a positive/negative effect from the front and back of your heart cushion.


  • Assumed knowledge: use of a sewing machine, rotary cutter, ruler, mat and seam allowances.
  • Finished size: 38cm x 38cm (15” x 15”)
  • Main Technique: Quilting
  • Zipper closure (a zipper foot is required)
  • Olfa Chenille cutter can be used, or long, sharp scissors
  • Best Fabrics: Quilting cotton, calico (2 contrasting colours)
  • Clear illustrations included throughout, including how to insert zipper
  • Professionally Art-Worked Template providedP1030753