Vinyl Pouches Workshop Finishes

By Judith on June 4, 2019
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Last Saturday we had a wonderfully productive day in the studio making Vinyl Pouches.


Vinyl Pouches Workshop


For most of the ladies it was their first time negotiating the petulant vinyl through their machines (after taming it on the cutting mat!).


Tissue paper was our secret weapon, placed under the vinyl when sewing.  This helps it to glide easily over the needleplate (a Teflon foot on your machine will also work well).


Vinyl Pouches Workshop

Vinyl Pouches Workshop


Just look at those happy faces and lots of beautifully made pouches!


Well done ladies on conquering the plastic fantastic!


Enjoy your holiday pouches!


Happy sewing

2 thoughts on “Vinyl Pouches Workshop Finishes”

  1. They do look fabulous. I haven’t tried vinyl yet, partly because if you make a mistake you have ruined it as the needle holes will show. x

    1. Yes you’re right, though sewing fabric onto as many of the raw edges of the vinyl as possible will help reduce this risk, as the holes will be within a seam allowance. It’s not too expensive to buy (here in UK anyway) so might be worth having a wee practise. I don’t think you’ll find it as terrifying as you think! Good luck! Jxo

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