By Judith
 on May 5, 2012

Here it is .... 

I love this quilt so far.  Mainly because it is a collaborative quilt, from all around the world.  But also because it is a Bee Blessed quilt, and will be going to a teenage girl struggling with M.E.

I'm going to call it 'A Wonky House for Pippi'!  It is fun, colourful, and tells a story, which all quilts should in my opinion.

I had 2 wonky house blocks leftover, so in true 'Nicky' style, I'm going to put them into the back of the quilt, to make the back as interesting as the front!

All I've done to them so far is add a border of colourful squares, to mirror the Pippi blocks on the front.

Now for the front, the big question is............. border or no border?

It is currently flaunting at a respectible 62" sqaure, I'm just not sure if putting binding straight onto it would look right. 

What do you think?

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