By Judith
 on May 8, 2013

I'm slowly getting my sewing space back to functionality again so I thought I'd show you a few wee pics of what I've been up to!

Here is the spool bunting all strung up on my freshly painted floating shelves:

Old Wooden Spool Bunting

And a wider shot of the shelves and what else is on this wall:

My Sewing Room
Mini quilt made by Suzan/Quiltitis in BQSR3.

The picture frame (bottom left) got a makeover too.  It was a Mexican pine frame with my all time favourite picture of my 3 girls in it, taken some years ago, but I love it because it perfectly reflects each of their individual little characters!

Decorated Picture Frame
Glass fronted frames are so hard to photograph!
L-R: Loud and Fun; Sweet and Sensible, Away with the fairies!

I inherited this old chest of drawers when we bought the house and I'd been meaning to give it a makeover for the last 11 years!!

Chest of Drawers revamp
3 layers of paint and a pva-ed vintage sheet on top transforms it lovely don't you think!

This now forms my 'office' zone, where I sit at my laptop answering emails, writing patterns, and doing general admin stuff!

My Sewing Room

I also painted (or rather hubby painted) my cutting mat top box which you can just about see to the right of the picture above.  He also very kindly painted my mini step ladder from Ikea which I use to get to the top of my floor to ceiling shelving, but I'm still pondering how to decorate them further.

And if you haven't fallen asleep yet, I'll leave you with some bunting I made for my dormer window, again using some favourite vintage fabrics and lace.

Vintage Bunting

Vintage Bunting

There's plenty more I want to paint and improve in my wee space, but I think that's enough for one week!!

The rain returned today, which meant a return to sewing!  More on that another day!

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