Only Sisters Know!

By Judith
 on February 26, 2013

It's my favourite sister's birthday next week (I only have 1 sister lol!).

She has requested a 'bag for life', which I will of course make her, but I was wanting to make her something a little less boring more creatively challenging!

My sister is 5 years my senior, and I grew up in awe of her, always wanting to be like her, have her wonderful clothes and confidence!

It wasn't until I was an adult that my sister told me she always wanted to be more like me!  Go figure!

So following on from the thoughtful little girl here, I sketched up a picture that only a sister would appreciate!

Sisters Know 025

Those of you who have seen my sister will know that she is the blonde and I am the (ginger faking it as a) brunette!

It's really tricky photographing something with glass in front of it, so here are some pics without the frame (the inner frame is 11.5" x 8").

Sisters Know 033

PicMonkey Collage
No, I'm not showing you a close up of that photo of us bottom right!

I'm still in awe of my sister.  She inspires me, encourages me and always makes me laugh! We are as opposite as chalk and cheese, and yet fit so well together, like peas and carrots!

Want to know what I wish I had of hers and she of mine?  Now, that would be telling! *wink*


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