New Year Table Display: Part 2

By Judith
 on January 20, 2019

(Read part 1 here)

Thank you for tuning back for part 2 of my classroom's New Year Table Display.


New Year 19 Display Table


8  Placemats

(pattern available here)




I made these Irish linen & French General placemats for a class a few years ago now, using up some leftover Jelly roll strips and linen offcuts.




But they seem to have a classic timelessness and were my best seller on Craftsy (before Craftsy deleted 95% of my patterns last month!).


They include a handy cutlery pocket, and showcase the different ways you can have fun quilting them!


PicMonkey Collage


I have fond memories of past classes making these!


9  Moroccan Mix Table Runner & Trivet


Moroccan Mix Table Runner


This is my celebration of the wonderful colours of Morocco, a Moroccan Mix table runner & trivet published in a colourful issue of Quilt Now in 2015!


Moroccan Mix Table Runner


It's another one of my patterns awaiting reformatting for general resale (anyone got a few minions to spare!!!).


Moroccan Mix Trivet


I would love to remake it in a completely different colourway (perhaps inspired by another country!).  All suggestions welcome!


Moroccan Mix Trivet


10  Microwave Bowl Cosies

(free tutorial available here)


These are a little difficult to see in the main photo.  But here they are up close!


Microwave Bowl Cosy
Microwave Bowl Cosy


I first came across this tutorial several years ago, and made myself a couple for my morning porridge bowl!  I haven't stopped using them since!


The recommended materials are all 100% cotton (including the wadding) if you plan to put the cosies into the microwave.


Microwave Bowl Cosy


But don't worry, if you don't have 100% cotton materials, simply heat up your bowl separately in the microwave and carefully lift it out into the cosy!


Then you can transport your comforting bowl of goodness to your favourite spot!  Great for soup too (and hot apple crumble, yum!).


Microwave Bowl Cosy


11  Cutlery Trays

(free tutorial available here)


Cutlery Trays


Ayumi's brilliant tutorial is for the largest tray you see here.  They are so easy to make and resize to suit your own requirements (keep the width the same, and simply shorten the length: L:13", M:10.5", Sml:7.5").


Cutlery Trays


The changes I made to the pattern were to use Flex Foam Bosal instead of wadding, to give more structure, and to sew a few stitches at the corners to help them retain their shape.


Cutlery Trays


I'm sure like me you can think of a multitude of uses for these handy organisers (desk tidies perhaps?).


12 Pixie Cups

(free tutorial here)


And keeping with the organising theme, how cute are these!



Pixie Cups


These are literally made from scraps - Tilda and leather scraps from other projects, and offcuts of Flex Foam Bosal.


Pixie Cups


The bosal was a little tricky to work with when it came to the smallest basket! But I think this will be the case with any interfacing stiff enough to give these little pots the structure they need.  Just cut your interfacing smaller to try and keep whatever interfacing you use, out of the seams.


Pixie Cups


13  Casserole Carrier

(free tutorial here)


Casserole Carrier


If you know someone in need of a meal, or you're helping out a friend, here's a great way to transport it.


Casserole Carrier


Using Insul Bright heat resistant wadding, your casserole will stay warmer for longer in this carrier.


The construction is quick and simple.  One change I would make to the pattern is to shorten the handle (I feel it's a little too long and 'swingy' for it's heavy load!).


Casserole carrier

So that's the full roundup of my New Year Display Table.

Thank you so much for sticking it out to the end of 2 lengthy posts!

I hope you've been inspired to try something new!

Happy sewing!

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One comment on “New Year Table Display: Part 2”

  1. Your home must be fabulous with so many handmade things around. I really must make some more placemats, and i love the idea of the cutlery trays, they are so much nicer than the big ugly plastic tray I currently use. x

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