Mixing Old and New

By Judith
 on June 12, 2011
This week I was given two very lovely things:
1. The most pungent-ly, gorgeous smelling lilies from my Oasis Class!  I adore fresh flowers - thank you ladies.
2. Some vintage, flowery curtains - aren't they fab!!
I make no apologies for getting excited about such a gift, and the lovely lady who rescued them from being donated to a charity shop, just for me, knew I would be ecstatic to receive them!
I would love to try my hand at making a skirt for myself, and this vintage fabric is spurring me on! 
I don't know why I love recycling fabrics so much, but I thought I'd have another rummage through my stock pile for inspiration for some lounge cushions.
You see, I used to have lots of lovely cushions and throws over my cold, leather sofas - until we got a dog!!!!
Then this happened .....

We make lots of excuses for her because she was a rescue dog, needing lots of training and TLC!  But one by one she nibbled her way through the lot.  My sofas are NAKED!  
But I have a plan!
I have put in a special request for a particular item for my birthday this year (can let you know if I get it or not in a couple of weeks) which will mean soft furnishings and Poppy can co-exist in the lounge. 
So here's my starting point:
Not v.inspiring I hear you cry!  
But I took inspiration from my love of log cabin, previous cushions I've made & this book ....
which has a lovely textured cushion featured.  
I particularly liked the corduroy element, and as I have lots of that gathered up (in the shape of trousers & skirts) that is going to be a common design feature running through the different cushions.
Here's what I've done so far:
Love the vintage-ness of this one.

Will have more to show you soon. 

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