Houndstooth Quilt

By Judith on November 18, 2016
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The design process can be an interesting one!

I remember one time in Bee Blessed we decided to make arrowhead blocks. For some reason, when I looked at that block I saw different patterns, and filed those ideas away!
Earlier this year I made this Starburst quilt, for a summer issue of Popular Patchwork, and realised one of those arrowhead ideas!


Popular Patchwork cover.July


But I needed to ‘scratch the itch’ a little more, and so my modern Houndstooth Quilt came into being (in fact there were 4 other variations of this one!).


Houndstooth Quilt for LPQ (Nov16)

Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine fell in love with it and commissioned it for their November issue, which is in the shops now!


Houndstooth Quilt for LPQ (Nov16)
Photo courtesy of LPQ


They also asked for a matching cushion:



I’ll admit that this quilt is a little more modern than my usual style, but I love the 9 steps of gradation in the Kona solids from Black to Silver.
Kona Pomegranate has been one of my favourite colours since I discovered Kona solids – I love how it completely interrupts all that grey!


Houndstooth Quilt for LPQ (Nov16)

And just look at that bright canary yellow on the back!

It’s a bad habit of mine not to look at blocks at face value! You never know what you might discover!

Happy sewing!


  • Kerry

    Congratulations Judith. The new site is lovely.
    Wishing you continuing success.
    Love the houndstooth quilt.

    • Thanks so much K! So pleased you like it. Jxo

  • Sue Godfrey

    Hi Jude, the new site looks brilliant. Just browsing and I am loving the ease of navigation, the visuals etc… Great job. Hugs Sue x

    • Aw thanks so much Sue! So pleased you like it and found it easy to use! It’s been a long process getting to this point! Jxo

  • Ada

    Congratulations on your new website. It looks great. The quilts are beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Ada! So pleased you like it. Jxo

  • Kay

    Congratulations on your new website. I have just been over to Bloglovin’ to make sure i am following you there too. x

    • Thanks so much K! So pleased you like it! Jxo

  • The new site is beautiful Jude. I love it’s clean lines and easy to follow tabs. I can imagine there was a fair amount of working getting it to look and function so well.

    • Thanks so much J! Yes it has been almost a year in the making and I’m still tweaking!!! So glad you like it! Jxo

  • I honestly think I’ve found my favourite of your recent quilts . I’ve bought the magazine and hope to make this

    • Thanks so much Helen! I’m not in love with this one, but very pleased that you are! Jxo