Headless Chicken-itis!

By Judith
 on October 6, 2011
You know what I meant, right?
Always in a rush, so much to do you don't have time to pick your nose! (euuuuh!)
Anyway, the mornings when I'm not teaching is precious sewing time.  I only teach 2 mornings a week, but you can guarantee they're the days the postman arrives with parcels, and instead leaves delightful red cards!
That was yesterday. 2 red cards.
So this morning I had to pick up some fabric, then go to 2 different postal depots to get parcels (one being my daughter's long awaited new mobile phone).  And it wouldn't do for these 3 places to be in close proximity to each other - oh no.
Well I got one of the parcels (see below), drove through the howling wind and rain to the other depot (which was in the back end of beyond), only to be told the delivery guy had it in his van and was delivering it now, while I'm standing in the warehouse!  'NO ONE IS AT HOME' I wanted to scream!  I had specifically rang the depot yesterday and asked them NOT to redeliver it but that I would come pick it up.  
So I hared off in the car, picked up the fabric, broke a few speed limits and got home in time to graciously receive the parcel with a smile on my face and a knife behind my back!  Only joking!  It was a chain-saw!

I did eventually get to my lovely Pfaff today, but first let me show you what was in one of the packages.
Elephants & cupcakes - what could be better!
One of my lovely Flickr friends and fellow Brit Bee member, Terri, made some gorgeous wonky stars for Bee Blessed. Thanks so much Terri for these, they will most certainly be a wonderful addition to a cot quilt top and a blessing to a little one when the quilt is passed on.
Terri also sent me some gorgeous crochet trim from a table cloth, which I am saving for a special project.  Watch this space!
I'm getting ready to bring stock down to my sister's salon next week (check out her fab website), for the start of my handbag sale.  I'm at that place when I think 'why did I ever think this was a good idea'!
Here's another boxy bag I managed to get finished:

And some cosmetics pouches (am hoping to get more of these done!).

Finally, a sneaky peak at a wee something for someone!

I'm off now to make tea and get ready for class tonight.
My friend is coming to stay for the weekend, so I might not be blogging much.

Hope you all have a creative and productive one!

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