Going Bananas!

By Judith
 on September 13, 2011
This is what my sewing room looks like right now (8.25pm)!
What a shocker!
After finishing up yet another handbag this morning (can't show you pics yet), I needed an injection of creative fun, and this is what it looks like after several hours!  
Mess, mess, mess! You should see the floor - I get so into 'The Zone', I no longer even try to aim all those thread & fabric ends into the bin, they get absent mindedly dropped onto the floor!
I'm beginning to think that sewing brings out one's alter-ego, 'cos in real life I'm a tidy freak (I know, you'd never know it looking at that horror!).
Still, I had fun, and if untidyness is the price to pay, then it was well worth it.
I've discovered 2 things about myself lately.  
1. That despite falling in love with fabric all over again because of these wonderful new designers, prints, fabrics and colours that abound, I can still return to my first love, recycled fabrics, with the same amount of zeal and passion. 
I don't know why I get such a kick out of reusing clothes that are now too small or out of fashion, or breathing new life into old, forgotten about curtains.  But I do!  Most of what you see on that table there is corduroy clothes and some curtains I've gathered up over the years.
2.  I love making cushions (pillows).  Again I don't know why exactly - I seem to be able to experiment more with ideas and creativity with a cushion.
So as a complete indulgent treat to myself (no not Ben & Jerry's & Baileys on ice!!) I started on a design for a recycled cushion.
This is what it looks like so far:
Sorry pics are dark but it's almost my bedtime!!
I probably would have finished it by now, but a certain teenager needed help making her proto-type GSCE textile project for art (it just happens to be a handbag and she just happens to have a mummy who knows how to make them! Win, Win!).

 Oh, and I made these last night to use up spotty bananas the kids wouldn't eat:

Banana muffins!  There are 15 altogether - but not for long!

Now those of you who know me well know that I hate cooking, so this is something for me!  

The fact that after I put them in the oven I completely forgot about them until I started smelling them from 2 rooms away, is neither here nor there!  This morning they got plastered with a not so healthy dose of cream cheese frosting and down the hatch they went!  I've already had 2 today, might just sneak in another one for supper!

Hope you've had a great Tuesday.  

Huge hugs and kisses to a special friend who had surgery today. xoxo

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