French General Quilt Gift

By Judith on November 13, 2019
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Hi there, if you are looking for details of my giveaway you can find it here.


Since the summer I’ve been working on 3 quilts, getting them ready to gift later in the year.


Well the first has been completed and gifted and I can show you it here.


French General Quilt Gift



This is a lap quilt made for an elderly couple, using a French General Layer Cake (Rouenneries I think!).


I’ve always loved French General fabrics, oh the richness and depth of those reds! Yum!


French General Quilt Gift


I used this free tutorial to carve up the full Layer Cake without creating waste.


French General Quilt Gift


Some simple organic vertical wavy quilting adds a little movement and lovely texture through all the squares.  Not to mention it being a quick and easy ‘go to’ quilting method.


French General Quilt Gift


The obligatory striped binding finished the quilt off.  I got it labelled and handed over last week.


My prayer is that this quilt will bring some comfort and joy to the lovely recipients.


So that’s one quilt down.  2 more to go!


Happy sewing!



2 thoughts on “French General Quilt Gift”

  1. The wavy quilting really gives it a presence. I usually go for straight line quilting as I am a quilting coward but this would probably show even less mistakes. It looks fabulous. x

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