Gift Bag Tutorial

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So Christmas is sneaking up quickly, and I thought you might like a quick and easy Christmas tutorial.


How cute are these gift bags?

They are fully lined and stand at 7" tall. Perfect for jazzing up those smaller (but no less important) gifts!

So let's get started.  Here's what you need:

Outside: 2 x (7.5" wide x 10.5" tall)

Lining: 2 x (7.5" wide x 10.5" tall)

Channel: 2 x (2" wide x 8" tall) or use 1" wide ribbon

Drawstring: 2 x 20" lengths of narrow ribbon

Safety pin

Small square ruler



Assume 1/4" seam allowances

1  Place both outside pieces right sides together. Sew around the side and bottom edges. Repeat for the 2 lining pieces, but this time leave a 2" gap in the middle of the bottom edge.


2  Make box corners: Pull the corners apart and place the side seam on top of the bottom seam. Place the ruler on top of the corner and measure and mark 3" vertically (or 1.5" from tip horizontally).


3  Sew along the line, starting and finishing with a reverse stitch. Repeat for all 4 corners. (I like to trim off the excess from the lining, but leave the corners on the outers for a 'stronger bottom'!)


4  Turn the outer bag right side out (leave the lining inside out).

5  Place the outer bag inside the lining. Match and pin the side seams and top edges.


6  Sew around the top edge (you will find this easier if you remove the accessory tray). Start and finish with a reverse stitch.


7  Turn the bag right side out through the gap in the lining.  Push the corners out and stitch the gap in the lining closed.


8  Push the lining into the bag and press the top edge to neaten.


9  Make the Channel: Press under the short ends of each piece by 1/4". Also press under both long sides by 0.5".


10  Pin the channels to the bag. The top edge of the channel will be 1.5" down from the top of the bag.  Don't worry if there is a little gap at the sides.



11  Slide the bag into your machine (without the accessory tray) and sew around the top and bottom edges of the channel, 1/8" seam away from the edge.  Rather than stopping at the sides, just continue sewing onto the next channel. Start and finish with a reverse stitch.


12  Finishing: Attach the safety pin to one end of a piece of ribbon. Thread the pin into the channel at one side, all the way around and out the same side.  Knot the ends of the ribbon together.



13  Thread the other piece of ribbon in the same way, this time from the opposite side.


14  And you're done!  Fill with goodies and make lots more!


Happy sewing!


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