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Disappearing 9 Patch Block - Just Jude Designs - Quilting, Patchwork & Sewing patterns and classes

Disappearing 9 Patch Block

12.5″ unfinished
Assume scant 1/4″ seams throughout
1. Cut 4 x 4.75″ plain white squares and 5 x 4.75″ coloured squares.
2. Lay these out in rows of 3 to get a simple 9 patch (the centre coloured square will end up as the 4 mini squares).
3. Sew  the squares together in rows.
4. Take the rows to the ironing board and iron the seams as follows:
    Top row: iron seams OUT away from the white square
    Middle row: iron seams IN towards the centre coloured square
    Bottom row: iron seams OUT away from white square
5. Now lay the top row on top of the middle row, right sides together, and butt the intersecting seams (they should fit snuggly together because the seams are lying in opposite directions).  Pin the intersections.
6. Sew the rows together, and then repeat step 5 for the remaining bottom row.
Take care as you sew over the seams that are underneath and ‘hidden’.  Make sure they don’t ‘flip’ as you sew over them.
7. Iron the 2 seams away from the centre.
8. Now take your piece to the cutting mat, find the halfway point and slice in half.
9. Turn the 2 pieces around, find the halfway point and slice in half again.
10. Rotate 2 opposite pieces 180 degrees to separate out the small centre squares.
11.  Sew the top 2 pieces together, and then the bottom 2 pieces.
12.  Take both pieces to the ironing board and iron one joining seam going in one direction and the other joining seam going in the opposite direction.
13. Lay the 2 pieces rights sides together, and butt the centre seams together & pin.
14. Sew the 2 pieces together and iron this last seam OPEN.

15. Trim the block to 12.5″ & stand back and admire your work!