FQR 2012 - The People

By Judith
 on June 3, 2012

This weekend has been a blast!

Despite the exhaustion of travelling and not getting much sleep, I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat and am definitely up for it again next year (hint, hint FQ team!).

Even though I was only attending one day of the retreat, there has been much to process! My head feels like porridge at the moment - a swirling hot gloop of new sights, sounds, experiences and people, too soon starting to evolve into wonderful memories.

Hands down the highlight of the weekend for me was meeting my Brit Bee friends and other blogging buddies.

So over the next few days I'm going to blog about the retreat in parts.  This post is all about the very special people I had the fun and privilege to meet.

My travelling buddy and 'roomie' - Sarah

All except Laura-Jane made it into this picture (see below). This is the quilt called Project 51 which we made for Terri while she was going through cancer treatment. I'm sure the other girls would agree that this was the quilt that bound us 12 ladies together in friendship early on in our Brit Bee adventures & also for the past year (more pics on this quilt and others to follow).

Terri is an inspiration to me, and a very dear friend.  She isn't blogging at the moment (yet!) but you can read more about her here.

Laura-Jane, our Bee Mama!

As we embark on year 2 of the Brit bee, we are sadly losing Judith, who is stepping down for a while. However, the multi-talented, shy & retiring (not) Katy is stepping into the breach!  Welcome aboard K!

Most of the pics so far have been of my Brit Bee buddies, but I had the great privilege of meeting up with some other bloggy friends too.  In picture 6 above you can see Kat (with LJ) and in picture 7 Cindy is at the left of Hadley, and Nicky on the right.

And here are a few more bloggy friends:

Me & Di

Me & Nicky (proud owner of my Martha May handbag!)

Shevvy (cheeky chops!)

Leanne & Terri

There were many others I met but didn't manage to get pictures of, and others I would have liked to meet, but didn't manage to!  Apologies to those of you who I didn't get to meet personally. It was so funny (if a little overwhelming at times) when folks came up to me smiling and saying 'Hi Judith' and I'm looking at them thinking 'who are you?'.  It would inevitably turn out to be someone that I've been blog chatting with for months, but never knew what they looked like! Thank goodness most of us were wearing
name badges!

Well I think that will do for my first post on FQR.  There are lots more pictures to look at on the flickr group here, and no doubt you will see even more on other blogs.

I hope you've had a wonderful Jubilee weekend!

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