My ‘Hippy Granny’ Tunic!

By Judith on July 31, 2018
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Hi there!

How is your summer going?


We’ve had wonderful weather this summer, so I shouldn’t be sad to see the rain!  After all, the gardens are crying out for it!


As well as working on some non-work related sewing commitments, I’ve been beavering away on some new patterns for upcoming classes and workshops (more on this very soon!).


But I’ve also managed to snatch a few ‘dressmaking’ moments here and there!


I once remember my dearly passed friend, Heather, telling me about when she used to make her own trousers.  After her first successful pair, she made lots more from the same pattern, but just in different colours!


So as a novice dressmaker, I am unashamedly going to follow my friend’s canny philosophy!


Liberty Summer Tunic


Last summer I made this tunic from a charity shop find of Liberty cotton. The pattern is beginner friendly (New Look pattern 6068) and I love the shape and fit of it.


So I cut out 2 more, in vintage fabrics that I’ve collected over the years!


No. 1   The ‘A Little Touch of Granny’ Tunic:


Hippy Granny Tunic


I can’t remember who or where this exotic themed fabric came from, but I didn’t have enough width in the main fabric for a complete front. So I improvised and added in a coordinating navy panel.


Hippy Granny Tunic


Also I wanted a slightly longer length than the original pattern, so I added a mock under-skirt in a contrasting fabric (I call this my granny fabric!).


Hippy Granny Tunic


I’m sure you will think I’m bonkers (!!) but I love my cobbled together tunic!

I have long been trying to set my inner granny/hippy free, and I think I’ve taken another step closer to embracing a very individual and creative style!


Hippy Granny Tunic


And for tunic no.2?


Tune in next time for another ‘eyebrow raising’ post!


Happy sewing!


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