Crochet Daisy Chain

By Judith on April 21, 2017
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I have been a crocheter since the age of 8, two years before I started to sew.


I’m eternally grateful to a great-aunt who took the time and patience with me all those years ago.


While I don’t often get the time to crochet, it’s nice to have an easy ‘pick-up-put-down’ project on the go when I’m not in the sewing room.


Crochet Daisy Chain


One such project was this spring garland.  My uni-daughter loves seasonal garlands and I thought this would make a sweet addition to her ‘Easter goodies’ parcel from home.


Crochet Daisy Chain


I didn’t have a pattern to work from, so after a few attempts, I got to the right size and shape I was after.


Crochet Daisy Chain


Daisies are my favourite flower!  And to coin a phrase from one of my favourite movies ‘they’re such a friendly flower’!  (Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail)


Daisy chains remind me of a time when I was a girl, making chains from daisies on long summer days playing out the fields near where I lived.


My uni-daughter is delighted with her spring garland!  And I’m so pleased with how it turned out, I made one for myself too!


Crochet Daisy Chain


So despite the rather dull weather here this week, my daisy chain is bringing some spring brightness into my home!


Crochet Daisy Chain


Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Crochet Daisy Chain”

  1. crochet I have never mastered, I think it is my bete noir. I think I must be unteachable. One day. I do love your daisy chain though.

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