Soft Toys Finishes

By Judith on October 28, 2019
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Hi everyone, how are you all?


I have just had my first quilting retreat this past weekend, and what a weekend it was! I’ll be writing a post on what we got up too soon!


But before that, last week saw the end of our season of soft toys in class!


Are you ready for cuteness overload (and a little education)?


Class Projects - Toys
Francie Fox pattern by AngelLea Designs

Collective nouns for foxes: Leash, Skulk, Earth, Lead, Troop

(did you spot the giraffe?)


Class Projects - Toys
Trunk Show pattern by Jodie Carleton

Collective nouns for elephants: herd or memory


Class Projects - Toys
The Purl Bee Penguin by Purl Soho

Collective nouns for penguins: waddle, rookery, colony, huddle and raft (when in water)


Aren’t they adorable!


Half way through the block I demo-ed how to make sock monkeys using the free pattern by Craft Passion (read more here).


And in no time at all, a troop of monkeys started to appear!


Class Project - Soft Toys


These monkeys are so tactile and soft, and a few have already had some serious play time with enthusiastic grandchildren!


Well done to all my toy makers this term!  There are some seriously satisfied children (& adults) out there now!

Happy sewing!

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