By Judith
 on May 1, 2013

April has been a roller coaster month for me, and I find myself reflecting back over the month that has just been lived (if you are visiting from Lily's Quilts, please feel free to skip to the mosaic! I don't usually write such long posts!).

There have been some wonderful highs but also some sadder moments when I've had to dig deep!

In my 41 years of roller-coasting through life, I've learned that no matter what your circumstances or how you may be feeling at any given time, you always have a choice!  Sometimes the choices can be hard to find and a little creative thinking may be required.  But there are always choices.

This month I've had to choose how to respond to some negativity that came my way.  This can often be one of the hardest choices to make, especially when your heart is hurting.  Strength of emotion can often distort perspective and doesn't always lead us to choosing the right or mature way to respond.  This can be the difference between Responding or Reacting!

Well, I have made the choice to let go and move on! It's not always easy, but I don't want to be lumbered with the ball and chain of bitterness and un-forgiveness.  I will do my best to stay focussed on what is good in my life and the good that I'm trying to give back to others. I have much to be thankful for, every single day!

I am hoping that this new month will bring some new positivity and encouragement my way! And a little bit of sunshine would be nice too!

Sorry for the naval gazing! Just wanted to get that one off my chest!!

Now, back to business! Here is the roundup of my creativity in April:

April13 roundup

April13 Bee Blocks
Bee Blocks: L-R Hipbees, Brit Bee (2), Modern Irish Bee

I hope you've enjoyed a creative & positive April!

Linking up to Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day!

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