Autumn Quilting Retreat Workshops

By Judith on September 16, 2019
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It was a milestone weekend in the Hollies’ household!



I dropped my baby off at University of Liverpool to start her 3 year degree, and came back to an empty nest.



I’ve had children at home for the past 24 years, so not having ‘on hand’ mummy duties and living alone for the first time (ever) will be quite an adjustment. But I know that once the grieving ends I will learn how to grow a new set of wings and step into new rhythms and adventures.


In the meantime I have lots of exciting work ventures to focus on, one being our inaugural Quilting Retreat next month.


In addition to oodles of time to sew, chat and relax, there are also 2 optional workshops to choose from.


Saturday Afternoon: Sashiko Cushion


Sashiko Cushion


The Japanese sashiko stitching trend has swept through the quilting world in recent years.


Sashiko Cushion


This is my simplified take on what can be beautifully intricate hand stitched Japanese designs, often based on themes of nature and geometric patterns.


Sashiko Cushion


At this workshop you will learn how to trace patterns onto traditional indigo backgrounds and how to make the sashiko stitches and designs.


Sashiko Cushion


Sunday Morning: Selvedge Projects

Quilters are a frugal lot, and we don’t like throwing away even small pieces of fabric!




So when it comes to selvedges, the edges of fabric that prevent it from fraying, to me they aren’t the pieces you trim off and throw in the bin, but rather the unsung treasures of your yardage!


Selvedge Basket


Selvedges not only display the colourful dye shades used in the print, but also the manufacturer and designer’s names and the name of the pattern.


Selvedge Basket


It can take a while to save up enough selvedges to make something from them, but don’t worry, at this workshop I will have lots of selvedges available.


Selvedge Pencil Case


At the workshop you will learn how to cut and sew selvedges with finished edges and how to stabilise them into a new piece of fabric for project making.


Selvedge Pouch


And you can choose to make a small basket, pencil case or project pouch.


So start looking at those selvedges differently and hoard them like precious treasure!


Those are the workshops taking place at our Quilting Retreat in October.  It’s going to be one fun and creative weekend!


Happy quilting!


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Selvedge Bookmark Tutorial

By Judith on September 17, 2017
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Hello everyone!


How are you doing?


I haven’t done a tutorial here in a long while, so I thought it was time to rectify that.



You know how I’m always saving fabric scraps? Well I even keep the part of the fabric most people chuck away!


If like me you love to read, or know an avid reader, how about a selvedge bookmark? The perfect fabric/book loving combo!!


The key to keeping usable selvedges is to allow at least a quarter of an inch of fabric above the text (the edge below the text is a sealed edge, not a raw edge).



Here’s the tutorial:




A selection of selvedges (with at least 6mm/0.25” above the text)

4” x 10” piece of heavy sew-in vilene (or wadding)

4” x 10” piece of cotton fabric (back)

1 x 10mm eyelet

12” length of narrow ribbon



Assume ¼” seam allowance unless advised otherwise


  1. Angle the top corners of the vilene/wadding by measuring 1” from each corner along the top edge and 2” down from each corner along the sides



2. Place your first selvedge level with the bottom edge of the vilene/wadding (remember ¼” will be absorbed by the seam allowance).



3. Place the next selvedge on top, with the sealed edge covering the raw edge of the first selvedge. Stitch close to the sealed edge.



4. Continue adding selvedges in this way until all of the vilene/wadding is covered.



5. Flip the bookmark over to reveal the original shape of the vilene/wadding. Trim away the excess selvedges.



6. Place the backing fabric right sides together with the bookmark and sew around all sides, leaving a 2” gap in the middle of the bottom edge. Trim away the corners.



7.  Turn the bookmark right sides out through the gap in the lining. Push the corners well out and press.  Press under the raw edges of the gap.


8. Top stitch 1/8” from the edges on all sides, closing the gap as you go.



9. Insert an eyelet at the top of the bookmark, using the manufacturer’s instructions.



10. Thread the ribbon through the eyelet and knot to secure.


And you’re done!



Time to curl up in a squishy sofa, with a snuggly quilt and hot chocolate, and allow a good book to take you and your imagination to far flung places!


Happy selvedging!



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Selvedges, Discounted Fabrics and More!

By Judith on March 5, 2016
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We had some beautiful sunny days recently!

Mama Hen Quilt Top for Siblings Together


Just look at that blue sky!

This is my Siblings Together Bee 2 quilt top – borders are on and all ready to be quilted.

Siblings Together Bee2 blocks for Theresa

And these 8″ Disappearing 4 Patch blocks are on their way to Theresa/Hilly Filly as Miss March in Siblings Together Bee 2.

I had a little sort through my selvedges the other day.  These are my selvedge jars AFTER I have sorted through them and eliminated those I can’t use!!

Sorting Selvedges!


As you can see, it’s quite a squeeze!!  I hope I get some play-time soon with these lovelies.

And speaking of lovelies, have a look at these!

Discounted Fabrics in my Etsy shop

These fabrics (& more) are now listed in my Etsy shop at silly prices!  Designers like Amy Butler, Valori Wells, Tanya Whelan, starting at £4 per metre.

So if you want to bag a bargain, be quick as stock is limited.

Happy shopping!

Jude xo


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