Crochet at Christmas

By Judith on January 8, 2021
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This is my mum!

She’s an amazing knitter, and she beavers away knitting 7″ squares that are made into end of life blankets.

She gives me the leftovers of her yarn, when there’s not quite enough to make up a square.

And with the leftovers I crochet 7″ squares for end of life blankets.

But at Christmas I like to crochet something different with the extra time I have. So here are my ‘Christmas Crochet’ makes, using mum’s leftovers and a couple of rogue balls of Double Knitting yarn I had kicking about!

Scrapsadelic Groovy Cushion

by Creative Crochet Workshop

First up was this colourful 14″ cushion! A friend encouraged me to try something different, something that would teach me something new and maybe stretch me a little more.

This boho style cushion certainly suited my scrappy yarn stash, and I really enjoyed the variety of stitches included in the pattern.

I didn’t go for the envelope back, instead crocheting the opening closed around the filler and then finishing it off with my made up version of the frill (I couldn’t get my pompom frill to look like the one in the pattern!!).

Scrapbuster Beanie

by Caab Crochet

I really enjoyed making this little hat, particularly the ribbed band which was a new to me stitch!

It was tricky trying to guess-timate how much yarn each row needed, I played yarn-chicken on more than one occassion!! But I’m happy to report that I didn’t run out of any colour mid row and managed a relatively thoughtful colourway despite working from scraps!

I was so pleased to find the perfect size and colour pompom I had made last year, to perfectly finish off this beanie!

Boho Bunting

by Lulu Loves

I was waiting on some ivory cotton double knitting to arrive before starting this bunting, so thought I’d have a go with some of my colours while I was waiting.

The original pattern includes wooden beads at the top of the tassels, which I didn’t have. But I don’t think they look too bad for not having them.

I think these colourful flags would be pretty in a little girl’s bedroom! Sadly my little girls are now ‘even-bigger-than-me’ girls, so I’ll have to think about another little girl who might like this in her room!

I’m half way through the ivory version, which will look even more boho than the coloured version.

I’m happy to have run down quite a few of mum’s yarn leftovers even though I have a few more crochet projects pinned on Pinterest which I hope to get to soon!


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Vintage Sheets Cushions Gifted!

By Judith on August 6, 2019
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Today I got to hand over 2 special gifts!


Vintage Sheets Cushions


Angie, my very good friend and fellow sewist, had been travelling for a year and before she left she gave me her precious and treasured stash of vintage sheets!


Vintage sheets


I too am a collector of vintage sheets, so I instantly understood the value and meaning of this archival gift.


When I protested to Angie that I couldn’t possibly accept her treasures, she jokingly said I could make her a cushion from them for when she returned.


Well she returned last month and I got to hand over the cushions today.  She was delighted!


Vintage Sheets Cushions


Among this vintage stash were lots of strips and smaller pieces.  So I went with ‘strippy’ friendly designs.


Vintage Sheets Cushions


I popped in a little table cloth embroidery to kick start this scrappy Log Cabin, one of my favourite quilt blocks.


Vintage Sheets Cushions


The quilting was sinple ‘echo’ quilting of the Log Cabin rounds and some of the bigger pieces went into the envelope back.


As you can see, I was having so much fun that I couldn’t possibly stop at just one cushion!


Vintage Sheets Cushions


The solid pink fabric in cushion number 2 was also in Angie’s vintage stash because it was edged with a sweet trim (used in the back).


Vintage Sheets Cushions


Using my ‘strip pieced block’ tutorial, I made 4 x 10″ blocks, joined them together, quilted them and then hand quilted some coordinating running stitches.


Vintage Sheets Cushions


A little crocheted scallop trim finished the cushions.


Vintage Sheets Cushions


I had so much fun making these, enjoying the vintage prints and softness, and reminiscing back to my childhood bed linen (oh those 1970’s purples!).


Thank you Angie for entrusting me with your vintage treasures and giving me an excuse to ‘play’!  I hope you too get new opportunities to ‘play’!


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Easter Table (part 2)!

By Judith on March 16, 2018
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So, I’m going to completely ignore the impending snow forecast and pretend it is spring and enjoy my narcissus and daffs and the blissfulness of denial!



With just over 2 weeks to Easter, let’s crack on with part 2 of my classroom Easter table.


Garden Shed Tidy (Pretty Patches May16)


At the top right hand side of the picture, you will see my Garden Shed Tidy.



Sewing with clear vinyl isn’t as tricky as you might think!



This was made for the May ’16 issue of Pretty Patches magazine.  As the garden starts to come to life again, I get sporadic urges to amble down the ‘garden’ isles of my local homeware shop,  buying packets of seeds with renewed vigor that this year I will plant them (!!)


And if (like me) you aren’t much of a gardener, you could easily use this cute tidy in your bathroom, the teenagers room, or in the study keeping stamps, envelopes and stationery organised (people do still write letters, right?).



Hanging on my diy Easter tree are my Easter Egg Zippy Pouches, made with older children in mind who might prefer money or vouchers for Easter!  You can get the free tutorial here.


DIY Easter tree


Also hanging on my Easter tree are some crochet bunnies.  I followed this tutorial, however mine seem to resemble some kind of dysmorphic bat!


Harriet Hare Cushion


Now one of the cushions on my table is an old friend.  You may recognise her from this quilt!


Harriet Hare Cushion


My trusty Woodland Hare, Harriet, has been enlarged and appliqued onto a bespoke cushion cover.  She’s been stuffed and in the absence of piping cord, I top-stitched the side seams.


Seeing Harriet’s endearing smile always brings me joy!


Picnic Bobble Quilt (Popular Patchwork Aug16)



Finally, for part 2, all of these items are sitting on my Picnic Bobble Blanket.


This was another magazine commission, this time the August ’16 issue of Popular Patchwork.


It’s a great pattern for showing off a larger scale print.


Picnic Bobble Quilt (Popular Patchwork Aug16)


It is double backed, the outer layer being a machine washable shower curtain (we don’t want any soggy bottoms!).


Picnic Bobble Quilt (Popular Patchwork Aug16)


This is another pattern I will commit to re-write for general sale!

There is a lot of work involved in converting a pattern from a magazine template to one of my own formatted patterns.  I have a long ‘to do’ list and will be announcing some new releases soon!  Thank you for your patience.


There are still 2 projects left on the table to tell you about.  But I will give them a post all of their own!


In the meantime …..


Keeeeeeeeep sewing!


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Garden Trellis Cushions

By Judith on June 3, 2017
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Hello everyone, how is your weekend going?


We are slowly getting outnumbered by cardboard boxes here, as we prepare to move house later this month!


So as a little distraction from all the packing, I thought I would tell you about 2 pretty little cushions I made for Pretty Patches magazine.



Back in 2013 I made my daughter these cushions for her birthday. I thought I would have another go using my design, but this time with the summery fabrics from Lewis and Irene, called Flo’s Little Garden.


Garden Trellis Cushions (Pretty Patches June17)


I’ve called them Garden Trellis.  The Kona Snow trellis in one cushion provides little windows to view the pretty flowers, while in the other cushion, the ditsy florals are climbing up the trellis.



Simple ‘echo’ quilting make this a beginner friendly project, with an easy envelope closure at the back.



I finished the cushions with a crochet trim.  To do this, hand sew a blanket stitch first with the crochet cotton (I used DMC Natura Just Cotton in Ivory).  You will need a sharp darning needle with a big enough eye to take the crochet cotton.


The blanket stitches act like a foundation row to start crocheting into. Work 3 double crochet into each blanket stitch, then 3 chain loops into every 3rd double crochet.  Finally, work 1 double crochet, 4 treble crochet, 1 double crochet into each chain loop.


Garden Trellis Cushions (Pretty Patches June17)


Don’t worry if you aren’t a crocheter.  The cushions are complete without adding a crochet trim.  Alternatively, sew a ready-made crochet trim into the seams between the front and back of the cushion before the final assembly.



So there we have it!  2 pretty, summery cushions, sadly ready for the packing boxes!


Enjoy your weekend!







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Crochet Daisy Chain

By Judith on April 21, 2017
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I have been a crocheter since the age of 8, two years before I started to sew.


I’m eternally grateful to a great-aunt who took the time and patience with me all those years ago.


While I don’t often get the time to crochet, it’s nice to have an easy ‘pick-up-put-down’ project on the go when I’m not in the sewing room.


Crochet Daisy Chain


One such project was this spring garland.  My uni-daughter loves seasonal garlands and I thought this would make a sweet addition to her ‘Easter goodies’ parcel from home.


Crochet Daisy Chain


I didn’t have a pattern to work from, so after a few attempts, I got to the right size and shape I was after.


Crochet Daisy Chain


Daisies are my favourite flower!  And to coin a phrase from one of my favourite movies ‘they’re such a friendly flower’!  (Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail)


Daisy chains remind me of a time when I was a girl, making chains from daisies on long summer days playing out the fields near where I lived.


My uni-daughter is delighted with her spring garland!  And I’m so pleased with how it turned out, I made one for myself too!


Crochet Daisy Chain


So despite the rather dull weather here this week, my daisy chain is bringing some spring brightness into my home!


Crochet Daisy Chain


Happy crafting!


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