Block Party Sampler Quilt!

By Judith
 on October 23, 2012

In class, I am constantly asked questions like

'how much fabric is required to make a quilt' or

'how do I calculate the sashing for X number of blocks' or

'how could I use this fabric in a quilt?'

Often I am put on the spot having to make quick doodles and calculations, working out how much fabric is required for sashing, backing, binding etc.

'I can't take any more WOFs!'

So I thought it was time to teach folks how to make these calculations for themselves (no, I'm really not rubbing my hands in glee wearing a devilish smirk on my face, honest!).

In January I'm running an 8 week course called 'How to Design, Calulate and Make your Own Quilt'.  We will be getting the squared paper & calculators out and letting our creativity loose! 

To help folks develop some block ideas for their quilts, the course will include a Block party!  Now I've never been much of a party girl!  Too much of a 'homey' me!  But invite me to a Block Party and I'll never refuse!!

For almost a year now, when I've wanted to teach myself a new block, or show a class sample, I've made it in red and aqua so that eventually I would have enough blocks gathered together to make a quilt.

So I took my stash of blocks and put them altogether into this sampler quilt for the Block Party.  Working with a simple block formation design is a really good starting place for designing your first quilt and I purposely sashed it to show folks how that works in quilt design.

Now I'll admit samplers aren't the easiest to quilt. Finding a generic pattern to suit so many different blocks is tricky. So I went with a large free motion stipple inside each block and kept the sashing unquilted. 

I'm hoping to have an improv. style quilt made for January too, for those who like to vere away from tradition!

I have folks signing up for this course already!  Let's hope I won't have their brains pickled by the end of it!

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