Better Late Than Never!

By Judith
 on March 17, 2013

At the time of typing, there are still 49 minutes of St. Patrick's Day left! 

Happy St. Pats everyone!

I was hoping to make one of these today (just for fun!) ...

...but alas, time and a trip to Ikea got the better of me!

I did, however, manage to make one of these!

Bella's Pouch Mar13

Yep, you guessed it!  Another birthday pressie for another of my daughter's friends!  The remit was 'blue' & 'girlie' - I think I delivered!

I also made a start on some angel bee blocks, and finished off a wee secret thing I'll tell you about some other time!

Hope you've had a relaxing Sunday!  (only 40 minutes left ... eek!)

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