Bee Blessed BOM - January

By Judith
 on December 31, 2014

Well it's that time again when we need to think ahead to our block-making-endeavours for Bee Blessed.  We are very much looking forward to another year of making quilts and blessing individuals and groups in need.

If you would like to 'make-a-long' with us, you are more than welcome!  Either by contributing to our block of the month, donating fabrics or coming along to our monthly get togethers (see my Bee Blessed page for dates).

We are kicking off the New Year with this block for January:

Bee Blessed BOM Maple Leaf

I've loved seeing variations of this Maple Leaf block around blogland and pinterest, and I just know it will make a beautiful Bee Blessed quilt for someone needing comforted and loved.

Here is the tutorial for a 12.5" unfinished block.  We would love it if you could stick to solid white for the background, and a bright patterned fabric for the leaf and stem.

Cut out:

From white/background fabric: 1 x 4.5" square
                                              3 x 5" squares

From patterned/leaf fabric: 3 x 4.5" squares
                                       2 x 5" squares
                                       1.5" x 8" strip for stem

Assume 1/4" seams throughout. 

1. Make the half square triangles: Pair two 5" white squares with two 5" patterned squares, right sides together. Draw a line diagonally on the wrong sides of both white squares.

2. Sew 1/4" seams down both sides of the pencil lines.

3. Cut along the pencil lines to create 4 half square triangles (hsts).

4. Trim the hsts to 4.5".  One method of accurate trimming is to leave the squares folded.  Draw a diagonal line on your ruler square from 4.5" to 4.5".  Place this line along the stitch line of the hst and align the corner of the ruler with the corner of the hst.  Trim away the excess.

5. Press the seams open and trim off the 'dog ears'.  Put to one side.

6. Slice the remaining 5" white square in half diagonally.  To insert the stem, fold it in half widthways & finger press to find the centre.  Do this to both triangles and match up the centre points with the centre points on the strip, before sewing the 3 pieces together.

7. Trim the stem section to 4.5" square.  Make sure to keep the strip centred.

8. Now layout all 9 parts of the block as shown below:

9. Sew the sections together in 3 rows first.  Iron the seams of each row in opposite directions.

10. To join each row, butt & pin the intersecting seams before sewing the rows together.

11. Iron the new seams open and square off the block to 12.5" if needed.

And don't feel you have to stick to autumnal colours either!  Go bright and beautiful!

Thanking you all in advance of your continued support to Bee Blessed.

Jude xo

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