Sew Together Bag

By Judith on March 4, 2017
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I’m always a little reluctant to jump on band wagons!  Preferring to watch from the sidelines for a bit!


When the ‘Sew Together Bag’ band wagon rolled into blog-town I admired the many versions of the pouch that were being created! I got to see some in real life too, and was surprised by how big and roomy they were.


Sew Together Bag


So the pattern went on the very long ‘bucket list’, that ‘one day I’ll get around to it’ invisible list!


Sew Together Bag


That ‘one day’ was last weekend at Brit Bee Retreat. I had already prepped various sections of the bag, using some favourite Liberty scraps and Essex Yarn Dyed Linen.


Despite the odd head scratching moment, and a puzzled brow or two with the pattern, I finally got it finished.  (I only broke one needle, not bad eh?)


Sew Together Bag


I decided not to make the pin cushion and needle holder. This bag is so roomy, and is now filled with almost the entire contents of my sewing box.  Much easier to transport to sewing ‘together’ venues!


Sew Together Bag


You can get the pattern here if you fancy having a go.  However I would not grade this as beginner friendly (some experience of sewing zippered pouches (and a healthy dose of patience!) is recommended).

Happy sewing!


3 thoughts on “Sew Together Bag”

  1. I have always looked at the end thought they were fab, however I have seen enough posts about them to put me off an people often said they had problems. x

  2. Hi Judith! Your bag is fantastic! Yes, we have seen these a lot around and also I haven’t made it yet, but you inspire me to make! Happy Sunday! x Teje

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