Hexie Book Bag

By Judith on January 26, 2020
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I like a little ‘hexie action’ in the evenings, and over Christmas I enjoyed working my Tilda scraps into 1.25″ EPP hexies.


As they grew I thought I would make a cover for my soft cover Bible.  But then I keep a journal with my Bible, as well as Bible Study books!!!


So a cover grew into a bag!


Hexie Book Bag


I remembered many years ago I had designed and taught a boxy bag class (my mum uses hers for keeping books in).  So I blew the cobwebs off my pattern and set to!


There is so much I love about this new boxy bag.


Hexie Book Bag


Firstly, it has plenty of room for my Bible and study books and a separate pocket for my A4 journal. And because it is made from flex foam it sits squat and open giving me visible and easy access to the contents.


Hexie Book Bag


I also love the combo of Essex Yarn Dyed Linen (Denim) with the Tilda Hexies and a little vintage lace.


Hexie Book Bag


I even included some hexies inside.


Also inside is handbag mesh in the base, to ensure the shape of the bag is maintained while carrying around heavy books.


Hexie Book Bag


Now that I can keep my Bible books together in one place, I’m super organised whether reading at home or at Bible Study group!


I have another round of hexies being made at the moment!


I wonder what they’ll turn into!


Happy sewing!

8 thoughts on “Hexie Book Bag”

  1. Oh I love everything about this bag. It was a great pattern to make I remember, but I always wished I’d used something firmer to stabilise and added a base too. (I think I just used what I had to hand at the time rather than your exact pattern requirements.) You have perfected it for your purposes and I’m very happy to see you finally making something for yourself again!!

    1. No, I hadn’t discovered flex foam back then! It’s a lovely product for sturdier bags, but not too difficult to sew either. I think I’ll re-write the pattern and bring it bang up-to-date! Jxo

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