A Hexie Dilemma!

By Judith
 on August 20, 2011
I love EPP (English Paper Piecing) because it's sociable!  You can sit with the family in the evenings, watching TV, sewing away.
This is what I did this week on holiday - growing my hexie collection (as inspired by Lily's Quilts Hex-a-Long). 
I've done my usual thing of not planning out a design in advance, and just going with the flow.
Well the flow has stopped!  I'm not liking the floral shapes the hexies are making, nor my 'filler' hexies.
While I choose vintagey fabrics, I didn't especially want a traditional design.
I don't even know what I'm going to turn these into - a cushion, a quilt?
What to do?
1. Unpick the hexies and resew them into a more modern shape e.g. pyramids, giant hexie?
2. Stick with what I have, add a few more & make a cot size quilt?
3. Abandon all hexies made so far, and start again, making a few more intricate hexies (as seen on flickr) which could then adorn a cushion front?

Vote now!!!!

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