A Football Dumper!

By Judith
 on May 15, 2013

No.2 daughter has been mad keen on football since she was 5 (she's now 14!). 

She's pretty good too (I know I'm biased!) and plays for this league winning team (Senior reserves), as well as County Antrim.

This means she has lots of footie gear kicking (sorry!) about her bedroom.  And with the absence of a wardrobe (taken out to make room for the drum kit - don't ask!) she badly needed some storage for footie kits, socks, shin pads etc.

Footie Kit Dumper
24" tall!

This is a Footie Dumper - a dumper being a large container you just dump stuff in (very technical term!). 

Lucy chose the fabrics, the camo bits being recycled trousers and shorts!  Can you guess she's a tom-boy!!

I made 2 pockets on the inside for shin pads and goalie gloves. 

Footie Kit Dumper

The original intention was for this to be hooked onto the back of her door, but it is just way too heavy with all her stuff in it.  So it will sit on the floor.

She also wanted something to put her kit socks in, so I rustled up a drawstring bag...

Footie bag 001

...which can hook onto the back of her door by way of this tab recycled from one of the camo trousers.

Footie bag 003
Lined with more camo!

So that's another storage problem sorted!

I hope this cheers her up because she's had an injured thumb this past week (impromptu visit to A&E last week!), which means no sport for a bit, and she's also revising for exams, which means grumpy heads all round!

Happy Wednesday!

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