2 Faced in Print

By Judith
 on October 3, 2011
Remember this?

This cushion is called '2 Faced' and I made it to teach at my Oasis class.
Well now it's in here:

September issue of Irish Quilting - there's even a photo of me at the start of the magazine!  Although I'm not really from Co.Tyrone, as printed!!!
One more thing to show you.
A lovely lady from my Oasis class had major surgery a few weeks ago, and won't be able to come to class for a few months.
The others in the class wanted to give her something, so I made this basket and we filled it up with lots of smellies and goodies.

This is an upsized version of Ayumi's mini basket.

She now has the basket in her safe keeping & I'm told she loved it.  

We miss her and wish her a speedy recovery.

Happy Monday one and all!

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